New hobby?

Hello guys! Gonna back to December again. 11days left. Christmas is waiting. Yeayyy! *happy kids mode. And ohhhh yaaaaa, im gonna started my new hobby. Hurmmm what is it huh? Be a gamer? Can I? Girls can do what they wanna do ley. Blackshot ofcourse. Same game with love one.

Leola baby, be my sifu please? hahahahah lols. 

I've been download the blackshot game justnow and I was like, wtf why take a long long time to downloading? 'seperti menunggu bulan jatuh ke riba' aiyerrrr. And, at last I just stop it cos it makes the line lagging. I'm feeling so meh. Huh. Tomorrow hangout with love cos the plan today has been canceled. Hihihihi. 

I was plan to dyed my hair on the ends and mom already give permission. Still dont know what colour to dye it. Boyfriend suggest to dye it white plus pink. Just once in lifetime. Its holiday baby, just do what you want to do. Hahaha. Okay la, its enough for today. Daaa bloggers. Goodnight, hve a sweetdream! :) Lotsalove, Armiene Jasni Teremi xx

Holiday, start!

 Holla guys?! Yeah hahahahahahahaha im so excited cos its holiday! But, today Im just staying at home doing nothing. A bit boring. Cant wait for christmas weheee yes yes yes! What to do now huh? Update blog? Youtube'ing? Facebook'ing? Such a boring things. Seriously, I hate this period pain. Really killing me :( sob sob.

 Selfie bcause im bored. Hahaha sorry.

And here some nails polish. Gonna buy more colours.

For this holiday, should I go to find some part time work? Cos at home its make me feeling annoys. Wanna find some money. But yeah, feeling lazy also. Can I be like Phineas and Ferb? Always know what they gonna do. Do anything they like. Hurm. Thats all for today. Heeee bye. Lotsalove, Armiene Jasni Teremi xx

Its tomorrow.

Tomorrow the exam started. Its the first and last exam for 1999 and 2000 batch this year. Im not ready yet. I need study for an exam but the internet is too distracting. Im dead inside lols. How if I forget everything that I've studied?! And how I wish I could fit a memory card in my brains for the exam. Huh. Day to day the educational gettin more sucks then bfore. Nextyear still hve PMR but more harder as the goverment call it as PBSMR. My mind is full of fuck uhhh sigh..Well, tonight as usual bfore the exam.. last minute study. About the exam tomorrow it is all paper2 for English, Bahasa Malaysia and Science. Wish me goodluck all. And I wish you all luck too. For SPM candidates, the exam is not end yet. Do the best all. And yeah, its exam tomorrow but im keep thinking about the holiday. Cant wait heeee. Stress for awhile then holiday. Christmas! Hurray. I know it is not the time to be fun. YOLO goodnight bloggers. Im done updated this blog. Lotsalove, Armiene Jasni Teremi xx


Hi bloggers? Phewww freaking tired. Just back from boyfriend's house. And just now hangout at Parkson with aunty, aunty's friends and also that hamster, Leola. Hahaha. Laugh so much today. Aaaaa making some jokes at the Popular wkwkwk. I asked him to find some books for revision cos' this month SPM already started. But, he was busy looking for ghost story book. Keep on wondering cos him didn't study. Its SPM okay baby. Its important. Gahhhh hard to say. But, yeah.. always wish you luck and the best. I know you can do it. Goodluck also for all SPM candidates. Jia you and fighting! Thats all for today. Lotsalove, Armiene Jasni Teremi xx

Hello again, bloggers!

Its been a months ago that im not updated this blog. Forgot about the password. Heee. Tomorrow im gonna update it again. So, yeah goodnight. Lotsalove, Armiene Jasni Teremi xx

Happy Sunday all!;)

Look at the picture down there-,-' how 'LUCKY' i am. Its killing me x( 
Thats what would happen if too naughty. Ohgeez. I can't stand all of this. Its pain. Shit. What can I do if it already happen. Sabo jerlah. Trauma suda mao bawa moto. Dh bgus bgus tak jadi OKU, tpi mao juga jdi OKU. Ya baguk. I can't join MSSM bcause of this pain. Mcm mna mao lari kalau jalan pun mcm org cacat--' Be patient,Min. Hope it recover soon. So I can go hangout with my besties. Ohya, talk about bestie. Whether I still consider her as my friend or not. She did tell the others that I take her to Lambir. But the truth is, she did bring me. Dia bawa, sya on jak. I didn't expect that accident to happen. She blame me. Pergh. Sapa tak sakit hati kalau kenak salah kn? Nice bitch. Just blame on me. Nevermind 'friend'. I hope KARMA will hit you and I'll laugh as same as you laugh at me. HAHAHAHAHAH! What can i do now is only patient. Okay. Oi, nsib baik sya ni msih sabar sbb sya tak marah kmu. Dh luka nih sakit, kmu tambahkn lgi dngn sakit hati. Dafuq?! x) Sabar Min, sabar. K bh. Gtg now. I'm lazy to talk about that shit memories.


Long time no update. Pergh. Btw, hi! :) Masa berlalu dngn pantas sgt --' tak sedar tak lma lgi mao 2013. I've learn from the past and I feel i'm sexy,free and single (Y) jyeah. Still can't find someone that I wanna be with. Either i still cant forget him or wht . oh damn! eeeee. should i return back with him? But, i got no feelings to him ba. i think so~ K, stop with my stupid story. Omg omg omg, I fallin love with KANG GARY :3 awhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. i'm melting. Wanna meet him. desperately. Okay, gtg luk;)