Happy Sunday all!;)

Look at the picture down there-,-' how 'LUCKY' i am. Its killing me x( 
Thats what would happen if too naughty. Ohgeez. I can't stand all of this. Its pain. Shit. What can I do if it already happen. Sabo jerlah. Trauma suda mao bawa moto. Dh bgus bgus tak jadi OKU, tpi mao juga jdi OKU. Ya baguk. I can't join MSSM bcause of this pain. Mcm mna mao lari kalau jalan pun mcm org cacat--' Be patient,Min. Hope it recover soon. So I can go hangout with my besties. Ohya, talk about bestie. Whether I still consider her as my friend or not. She did tell the others that I take her to Lambir. But the truth is, she did bring me. Dia bawa, sya on jak. I didn't expect that accident to happen. She blame me. Pergh. Sapa tak sakit hati kalau kenak salah kn? Nice bitch. Just blame on me. Nevermind 'friend'. I hope KARMA will hit you and I'll laugh as same as you laugh at me. HAHAHAHAHAH! What can i do now is only patient. Okay. Oi, nsib baik sya ni msih sabar sbb sya tak marah kmu. Dh luka nih sakit, kmu tambahkn lgi dngn sakit hati. Dafuq?! x) Sabar Min, sabar. K bh. Gtg now. I'm lazy to talk about that shit memories.

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