Its tomorrow.

Tomorrow the exam started. Its the first and last exam for 1999 and 2000 batch this year. Im not ready yet. I need study for an exam but the internet is too distracting. Im dead inside lols. How if I forget everything that I've studied?! And how I wish I could fit a memory card in my brains for the exam. Huh. Day to day the educational gettin more sucks then bfore. Nextyear still hve PMR but more harder as the goverment call it as PBSMR. My mind is full of fuck uhhh sigh..Well, tonight as usual bfore the exam.. last minute study. About the exam tomorrow it is all paper2 for English, Bahasa Malaysia and Science. Wish me goodluck all. And I wish you all luck too. For SPM candidates, the exam is not end yet. Do the best all. And yeah, its exam tomorrow but im keep thinking about the holiday. Cant wait heeee. Stress for awhile then holiday. Christmas! Hurray. I know it is not the time to be fun. YOLO goodnight bloggers. Im done updated this blog. Lotsalove, Armiene Jasni Teremi xx

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