New hobby?

Hello guys! Gonna back to December again. 11days left. Christmas is waiting. Yeayyy! *happy kids mode. And ohhhh yaaaaa, im gonna started my new hobby. Hurmmm what is it huh? Be a gamer? Can I? Girls can do what they wanna do ley. Blackshot ofcourse. Same game with love one.

Leola baby, be my sifu please? hahahahah lols. 

I've been download the blackshot game justnow and I was like, wtf why take a long long time to downloading? 'seperti menunggu bulan jatuh ke riba' aiyerrrr. And, at last I just stop it cos it makes the line lagging. I'm feeling so meh. Huh. Tomorrow hangout with love cos the plan today has been canceled. Hihihihi. 

I was plan to dyed my hair on the ends and mom already give permission. Still dont know what colour to dye it. Boyfriend suggest to dye it white plus pink. Just once in lifetime. Its holiday baby, just do what you want to do. Hahaha. Okay la, its enough for today. Daaa bloggers. Goodnight, hve a sweetdream! :) Lotsalove, Armiene Jasni Teremi xx

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