Happy Mother's Day!


Dear my lovely mom ,
I want you to know that I’m really thankful to have you as my mom and I also want to say this for you , but I’m not really that strong to tell you that I’m really thanks to you for birthed me, care me, teach me , be patient with me and cheering for me . Mom , I’m also really wanted to say this because I always make you feel worries , angry , and cry . 

Mom I’m really sorry for everything because sometimes without me realized or not my words were too tough and hard. Mom, please forgive me. I know everything you do for me just want me to be a good person. Mom, if I always make you feel uneasy please tell me because I will try my best to change it and make you feel comfortable. Mom, I want you to know that I’m proud to have you as my mom and I love you. 

Last but not least, mom, I just want you do one more things to me. Mom if I cannot be your proud one, I hope you don’t mind. Please believe me in everything I do and please support me. Mom promise me that you will never stop believe me and support me, just believe and believe me. I don’t mind if no one wants to trust me but I don’t want you to stop trust me. Because only you my inspiration and only you can light up my strength, as long as you with me. Mom, if I had done something that makes your heart broken, please trust me that I don’t mean to do it. Mom, your trusts are the most important to me. 

[Mom, the trusts of you are the supporter to me to do the best in my life. Mom, please stay at my sides until the end.]I LOVE YOU MUMMY! :')

Your Daughter , 

Armiene Jasni Teremi :3

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