Second Family :')

Shalom! I miss this blog damn much . Bfore me sleep , I need to update this blog -,- pergh . hahaha! Okay , lets me share a story about my 'second family' . 6merah is my second home . The class teacher is our father , Sir Rahman Damit's . The student in 6merah is my siblings :'3 I miss them . I miss the crazy laughing and the crazy jokes . ngaaaaaaaa :)

See the pictures up there? Oyeahhh! :P Crazy us .
Picture1 : Manja! I miss he's stupid face >.<
Picture2 : Nahh , cun gilak jadi couple x) Duak duak nakal . HAHA .
Picture3 : Waaa , I miss the moment that we always lepak-ing at the door of our class while playing guitar and sing together .
Picture4 : Twewwwww , jiwangsssssss siot -.- ngehehehe 

Ohyaaa , I miss Sarah's mother cheese cake . Yummy yummy yummy <3 and I miss to sang Ya Sudahlah song together with them! (':

Finally , I miss Sir Rahman and 6Merah :* 

Goodbyeee Dut's Family ;') 

Gtg now! Byeee .

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