Congrats Arrica! :)

Shalommmm :) See the picture up there ka? Ohyaa , that my sister <3 Arrica Kebang . Picture ya satu satu ny gmbr ny nok ku ada . Xda gmbr lain gik -.- arghhhh . Tyme ny primary6 , ya first&last aku & mame aku jumpa nya# 6 years .. xprnh jumpa gik smpai skrg . But , one day ny akan carik mekorg juak baaa :D Ehh , congrats to you my lovely sister coz' you got 5A's 3B's for you SPM result . I salute you! ;3 Arrica , you wanna know something? Okay I told you . Mame miss you damn much yoo :) ngeeeee :P and i miss you too much . Everytime I think of you , rasa mok nngisss jak (Y) twew twew twew . HAHAAHH! ermmm , i hve no idea anymore . Bye , gtg now :'(

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